On Monday 3 April, pupils from Hetton School’s speech and language provision accompanied a group of ladies from local sheltered accommodation on a trip to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

The pupils took part in one of our Wellbeing Challenge Events in Sunderland. These projects place young people at the heart of developing a project that is based on the NHS Five-Day- for Wellbeing strategy – if we connect to others, volunteer our time, keep learning, be active and take notice, our emotional wellbeing can be improved.

The group explored a range of options before deciding on a trip to the National Glass Centre. They also managed a budget and worked with the older people’s group to develop their idea and pull together an interesting visit – they enjoyed taking part in a glass cutting workshop, watched a glass blowing demonstration, had afternoon tea and had a tour of the Glass Centre’s exhibitions.

It is notable that even through this short project a positive impact has been made in the pupil’s confidence and communication, as well as their planning and teamworking skills.

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