Center for Youth Impact Gathering

Kevin Franks, our Programme Director, attended the Centre for Youth Impact Gathering held in London on Tuesday 30 June. The event was organised by the Centre to provide a day of debate, discussion and challenge about the youth sector’s relationship with the evidence and impact agenda.

Speakers and interactive panel discussions engaged participants in reflecting on what is meant by ‘impact’ in youth work and services for young people, the current state of policy and practice relating to evidence and impact, and the big questions on which we all should focus.

The event was also an opportunity to meet and talk with the organisations and young people involved with the Centre for Youth Impact, as well as the wider youth sector and was the culmination of the pilot phase for the Centre.

Whilst the future for the Centre awaits confirmation Youth Focus: North East is involved in national discussions with a range of partners and youth organisations to ensure that the impact agenda remains a priority for the sector and that the North East is represented in any future work.

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