Comments from staff and young people involved in our programmes, on topical issues featured in the media.

Response to: Mental health patients forced to travel miles for care

6 May 2014

In response to news that a lack of beds is forcing mental health patients in England to seek treatment in other NHS facilities hundreds of miles away, as reported by the BBC, Youth Focus: North East has provided the following comment:

“This is a common problem across the UK as we continue to see the rise in mental health issues within wider society. We need to raise awareness of this issue to ensure effective strategies are developed to overcome this problem.”
Jo Davison, Youth Worker at Youth Focus: North East

“This is disgraceful. How can leaving their whole support network have a positive impact and ‘cure’ them?”
Charlie, young volunteer

“It has the chance of making young people worse; taking them away from their family – the people who they need the most.”
Young volunteer