Conferences and seminars

Youth Focus: North East hosts a varied events programme each year, bringing professionals together from across the region, and beyond, to share best practice and stimulate debate on topical issues facing our sector and young people.

As well as full-day conferences featuring keynote speakers and bite-sized workshops, we also hold shorter seminars around the region.

We have partnered with a number of organisations and local authorities over the years to deliver these events, ranging from Newcastle University and Stockton Borough Council through to national charity Body & Soul.

Some of our previous events include:

  • Leadership in the youth work sector
  • Inclusion and Specialism: Critical issues in the provision of youth work for young people
  • Evidencing Good Youth Work
  • Catalyst Framework of Outcomes for Young People
  • A Commissioner’s Tale
  • Net Assets: Dissemination and discussion seminar
  • Training day on youth participation
  • Targeted Youth Support and the VCS
  • Does the young person led approach undervalue the role of adults?
  • Realising and raising aspiration
  • State of Play seminar
  • The Future for Youth Work?

Details of our future events will be posted in the ‘News and events’ section of our website.