Emily Beedle – I was known as the ‘quiet one’

Emily Beedle, Our Community Matters participant and expert scarecrow maker, joined Youth Focus North East as a way to get more involved in her community. In her own words, Emily tells her story of volunteering with us, and the difference it has made to her life.

My name is Emily, I’m 14 and go to secondary school. I have never found should easy, mainly because I found it very scary to talk to people, even people in my class. I was known as the ‘quiet one’ but since joining this programme it has given me so much confidence and now I have the courage to talk to people. My friendship group has grown massively, and I feel really lucky to have been able to take part in this programme. I will certainly recommend this programme to other people, because it has changed my life for the better.

I got involved with Youth Focus North East through the Police Cadets when Helen came to talk to us about the scarecrow and garden projects in Marske. Upon starting the projects with Youth Focus North East my fear was how would I talk to new people, as I find this very difficult, I was scared of meeting new people. However, Helen is very easy to talk to so this made me feel more comfortable about going and meeting new people. The projects also took me to unfamiliar places which was challenging but Helen and the other participants made it really fun and enjoyable. I have definitely improved my communication and confidence, and gain some new friends. I have also worked with different generations which was very inspiring and have learnt a lot about gardening and scarecrows.