Non-Violent Youth Movement of Liberia

Latest update from Dexter Tolbert, founder of the Non-Violent Youth Movement of Liberia:

16 October 2015

Dear Leon,

My compliments to you and to the entire Youth Focus: North East family for the continued support geared towards the betterment of the lives of young people here in war-torn Liberia.

As you are aware, we have the mindset and passion to help to improve the lives of young people coming from decades of civil unrest, but the means remain a major challenge for us.

High unemployment rates and the lack of opportunities for us are our stopping point, though we have the creativity and very much the persistence in our undertaking. We are moving nowhere and this situation is leading most of our young people to go in the wrong directions, thereby losing hope.

Most of them are becoming very violent towards themselves and to others for either material things like cell phones or other items for means of survival, as a result there is an increase in violent crime by the day.

We, as a violence prevention institution, are striving to get our program going. We are faced with the challenge to keep the minds of these young people busy we have started a little business in the information technology sector as an empowerment program and to raise funds for our works here in Liberia.

The initial funds to start this business came from the part-time job that I told you I was seeking in rural Liberia.

We have the dream to make this program bigger and as a training centre for these war affected young people. We are therefore appealing to you and to the entire Youth Focus: North East family and other kind minded people in your region for materials (second hand computers, laptops, printers, photo copiers and accessories) to enable us to incorporate a training package.

If such materials are raised we will lobby here for the shipment cost to be covered.

Please see attached for photos of the shop and site.​

Kind regards,

Dexter Tolbert