Jack Turner – Turning impossible in to I’m possible!

Jack’s Work Coach at JobCentre Plus referred him to our My Future Matters programme in early February 2019. Upon meeting Jack, we worked together to identify his aspirations, his strengths, and the areas of his life he needed help with. Read how Jack’s journey progressed.

When Jack first met staff at Youth Focus North East, he was unsure on what career path to follow. Staff worked with Jack to understand the skills he possessed, and what things really made him feel good.

Jack explored a number of different jobs, and decided to focus on a career in the construction industry. With My Future Matters, we were able to support Jack with one-to-one coaching, and provide him with access to industry accredited training such as Rope Access, and a number of construction industry. Jack stuck with all the training courses and soon built up a portfolio of qualifications and training experience to show employers his skills.

At our Employability Drop-In, we started to help Jack improve his C.V and update it with all his new qualifications before sending it to prospective employers. Once completed, he started to increase his time on job search activity, and very quickly managed to get an interview with a company called Hangfast. Hangfast are a company who provide a comprehensive range of inspection, maintenance, and lifting and materials handling solutions to Entertainment, Construction, Maintenance and Climbing industries. Jack’s qualifications in Rope Access became particularly important in securing an interview.

Jack’s interview was in Bingley near Bradford – a fair way from Middlesbrough. Youth Focus North East supported Jack to plan his travel and with the cost of the train tickets.

Jack was offered the job on the same day as the interview, and rang our staff team straight away to tell us of the outcome. This outcome was no more that Jack deserved. He was always open to learning and applied himself at every opportunity. Despite facing a number of new challenges and experiences, he took everything in his stride and never let anything faze him.

Jack said “the support Youth Focus North East has given me has been instrumental in me gaining full time employment”, quoting “Thanks for helping me get not only qualified mate, but helping me get an interview. It really does go along way! I found the support I received to be fantastic and taylor made to myself, with opportunities being endless. Highly recommended. You made the impossible to I’m-possible”.