Jonny Harris- “no matter how bad things get, I can always smile”

Jonny Harris joined Youth Focus North East as a participant on the Youth Employment Initiative delivered throughout Tees Valley. Jonny wanted to access employment but left us with much more than a job. Read his account below.

This case study will be talking about the journey I have gone through with the help of Youth Focus North East and my own personal dedication towards that.

The main problem that I was facing before I began the start of my long journey with Youth Focus North East, was problems with getting employed due to me needing to build on my interview skills and having a massive issue with my confidence. This issue with my confidence had stopped me from trying to pursue the things that I wanted to achieve in life, the problem with my confidence had stopped me from wanting to pursue further education and future employment.

Thanks to Youth Focus North East, I was able to build my confidence up to the point where I am now making positive changes to my life and have improved on my interview skills, employability and I became a volunteer for Youth Focus North East due to my past of depression and managing to overcome it in my own way. My depression stemmed from years of being bullied and losing family members that I was really close to, it had caused me to completely shut down and no longer what to achieve anything in life but due to all the help from Youth Focus North East, I no longer feel so bad about myself.

The changes that went really well were my changes in attitude and outlook on life, I now have a much better outlook thanks to everything that Youth Focus North East have done for me and the personal changes I made along the way. I can now face each day with a newfound confidence and a cheery disposition and know that no matter how bad things get, I can always smile and look at life with a smile. Thanks to all the help and my personal journey through the last few years with YFNE, I will be attending university in September to which I will graduate and I’m going to be married next year to my beautiful fiancé who has also been a massive help to me during difficult times.

The key things that I have learned through this journey is to always talk about what is going on in my head and don’t keep myself closed off from the world, some days are harder than others but that won’t stop me from achieving my goals in life or slow me down.

What I’ve learned.

  • Talk about my feelings and don’t feel afraid to do so.
  • Face life with a smile no matter what happens.
  • Let myself be open to new and exciting opportunities.
  • Improve myself however I can.
  • Love life and everything it has to offer.