Learning PODS

Learning PODS (Peer Orientated Development Sessions) are Action Learning Sets in which participants share work-related challenges and help each other to explore solutions through carefully facilitated, confidential discussion.

The idea is that you commit to trying out solutions back in the workplace (the ‘action’) and share what you’ve learned when you’re back with the group in the following session.

Learning PODS are great for accelerated personal development – it’s like being coached by several people at once. It’s a small time commitment for a potentially big reward. And it feels even better when you help your peers work through their problems, too.

Youth Focus: North East used action learning in its Intrapreneurship in the Voluntary Youth Sector (IVYS League) programme in 2013. Here’s what some of the participants said about it:

I found this to be one of the most challenging and enlightening parts of the course. The honesty of the group helped me deal with a difficult situation at work.

I have always upheld that Action Learning Sets are a valuable methodology for all involved in finding a way forward, if correctly applied, as these were