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My Mind Matters Workshop at Tynemet

On Tuesday 28 March, Youth Focus: North East delivered a two-hour workshop at TyneMet college on behalf of The Prince’s Trust.

Helen and two young people went along to pilot the recently updated My Mind Matters to a group of 10 young people. The session included some fun activities and focused on five main topics, including, depression, stress, and anxiety; eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide.

The group were really engaged and shared their own personal lived experiences and struggles.

One of the young people was so inspired by the programme that she got up at the end of the workshop and read out one of case stories entitled “A Story of Resilience”, she read this to the entire group.

Feedback from the workshop was received through our evaluation material, the feedback we received was positive and included quotes such as:

“I have learnt that nearly everyone suffers from mental health issues, not just me, and now I don’t feel so alone.”

“This workshop gave me an opportunity to explain to my friends what it is like in my situation, and to see what they are going through. It has helped me see my own difficulties as a characteristic, not a problem.”

Overall, it was a really positive day that ran smoothly and was well received. We would like to thank Jim Weatherill from TyneMet college for the invitation.

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