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To celebrate UN International Youth Day, we had to share this story with you about an amazing group of NCS young people who #AimHigh to spread the word of and raise funds for mental health awareness.

On 31 July – 1 August, Youth Focus: North East delivered My Mind Matters training to 130 young people at Ford Castle as part of their National Citizenship Service, with Catch 22.

After the training, young people from Cohort 4 ONSAM decided that they would adopt My Mind Matters as their Social Action project, and raise funds to donate towards Youth Focus: North East so that they can continue to deliver our My Mind Matters course to other young people in the region, as well as raising awareness of mental health issues amongst young people.

So far, the group has managed to raise £658 for My Mind Matters! The money raised will go towards delivering the My Mind Matters project to groups and communities suggested by Cohort 4.

Over the next few weeks, Cohort 4 ONSAM will be; making and selling bracelets, bag packing at supermarkets in Northumberland, busking in Newcastle, doing a sponsored bike ride from Hexham to Rothbury and organising a charity gig. They have already produced a three-minute long video aiming to raise awareness of mental health issues amongst young people, which can be viewed on their Facebook page.

“We decided that we wanted to raise money for Youth Focus: North East and their My Mind Matters project because we are particularly passionate about this cause,” says Izzy, aged 17 from Hexham and a member of Cohort 4 ONSAM. “Mental health is a topic which is close to the heart of many members in our cohort. We have loads of fundraising events planned over the next few weeks, and we hope that once we graduate from NCS on 30th August we can continue to work towards raising awareness of mental health and challenging the stigma that surrounds it.”

How can you help?

  • You can visit the Facebook and Instagram page and share it with your friends – search for Our Minds Matter – Cohort 4 – ONSAM
  • You can give to one of our donation buckets if you see them out and about at events.
  • You can sponsor one of their events by visiting
  • You can learn and start talking about mental health to people you care about! At any one time, 25% of the population will have a mental health problem. Your support could make all of the difference.

To improve mental health we need to talk about it, stop being scared of it and improve our attitude towards it.

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