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Expanding Minds, Improving Lives Young Commissioners Project

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Expanding Minds, Improving Lives Young Commissioners Project

Expanding Minds, Improving Lives is a joint project between Newcastle City Council, Gateshead Council and Newcastle Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The project will research how current mental health services for children, young people and families are delivered, and examine ways of redesigning services to make them more accessible and fit for purpose.

A key strand of the work to transform mental health services for children, young people and families is for the experiences and views of young people to inform and influence the commissioning process, as part of a project that runs through until March 2017. Youth Focus: North East has been asked to recruit, develop and support a group of young people to become Young Commissioners and for this group to work collaboratively with commissioners from the two local authorities and from the CCG.

The Young Commissioners came together for the first time in October 2015. They are aged between 13 to 19 years old (up to 25 if they have a learning difficulty and/or disability), live in Newcastle or Gateshead and are passionate about improving mental health services.

The Young Commissioners are receiving training and support to allow them to have a meaningful role in the development and delivery of mental health services for Newcastle and Gateshead – they will have the opportunity to get involved in a range of areas, including the consideration of feedback from all partners and stakeholders about mental health services, developing service specifications, taking part in the tendering process through shortlisting and interviewing, working with statutory services to make decisions, score tenders and co-commission mental health services.

If you would like any further information about the Young Commissioners project please contact Steve Watson on 0191 477 9966 or [email protected].