News update – 02/11/2018

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Talent Match North East – #WorkingTogether with Business in the Community
Talent Match North East Leaders continued their work to embed the #WorkingTogether Employability Charter within organisations across the region by working with Business in the Community on their FutureProof campaign. Young people and staff looked at 9 entry level vacancies and person specifications from regional employers that have signed up to the Business in the Community FutureProof campaign.  The activity aimed to support employers to make their jobs more accessible and appealing to young people, and the Talent Match Leaders applied their learning and experience of the Charter to support them to give feedback to employers.

In the second of the two-part series, the Talent Match Leaders will meet with employers to discuss their views of the job adverts and to provide recommendations on how they could use the #WorkingTogether Employability Charter to enhance the job vacancies offered to young people.

Talent Match is a Big Lottery Fund initiative which aims to test innovative approaches to supporting long term unemployed 18-24 yr-olds access work. A partnership of young people, employers, the third sector and public sector agencies, the programme is managed in the North East by the Wise Group.

City Roots – Psycho-Geography on the West Road
Young people from Excelsior Academy have been exploring the history of the West Road using a fresh approach to learning – psycho-geography. People only tend to travel with a purpose of getting somewhere, and by using psycho-geography, young people have been encouraged to walk with the intention of learning. The pupils from Excelsior Academy have visited the busy thoroughfare of the West Road to understand what life used to be like while living there, and how it compares to life for them today. During the cold stroll along the West Road, young people spotted old, abandoned buildings, religious sites, and leisure venues that were popular amongst their peers.

Young people will be comparing their experience with a walk around the Metro Centre, thinking about how the history of the shopping centre, and their own community heritage shapes their experience there.

City Roots is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, and made possible thanks to money raised by National Lottery players.

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