North East Youth Sector Leaders Group

A New Leaders’ Group for the Youth Sector in the North East

There has rarely been a time of greater challenge for the youth sector in the North East. Sweeping cuts to statutory youth provision and reductions in financial support to the voluntary youth sector, combined with ever greater demands for services to young people, are creating unprecedented challenges for the youth sector. There is little direction for services to young people at a national level, and the government has decided to not go ahead with their three year youth policy statement. Now, more than ever, there is a clear need for leadership to come from the youth sector itself.

For many years, our organisation has coordinated a range of regional strategic groups, aimed at supporting the youth sector in the North East. We believe it is time for a new group to be formed – one that provides a space for leaders in the sector to discuss current policy and practice issues, contribute to the wider debates about youth provision and influence any emergent policy in relation to services to young people. We would like to invite colleagues from across the region to help establish a Youth Sector Leaders Group for the North East.

We want to ensure that any group that is developed is linked to other initiatives where influence can be made. For the past 3 years, our organisation has been part of the North East Leaders’ Network for Social Change. There are now over 400 members of the Network, which is bringing together professionals from across a range of sectors, to create and implement real change on social issues. We would like to link the Youth Sector Leaders’ Group to the North East Leaders’ Network, ensuring a strong strategic voice and a conduit for influence across the region.