Northumberland Youth Partnership

Youth Focus: North East is facilitating a process to explore and develop an effective and efficient partnership approach to delivering quality youth services across Northumberland. 

Supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we would like to develop a model that not only explores the theory of new approaches to partnership working, but provides tangible benefits for all involved.

Driven by our learning from Delivering Differently for Young People in North Tynside, we have decided to start small and build the work up with like-minded organisations
and those people who want to be part of this. Our work is developed on a voluntary basis, and a set of shared values concerned with improving the lives of young people in Northumberland – if
people decide it is not for them then they do not have to be part of the work. If they do get involved and feel they need to step away, then that is also fine.

Initial meetings looked at the elements of the Northumberland Youth Partnership model and
considered how each one would not only add value to the current work of everyone, but could also
develop new approaches, create new projects and provide more opportunities for the young people of
Northumberland over and above anything an individual organisation would be able to practically achieve.

Our ongoing work is driven by mutually identified needs around youth voice and workforce development. We will work with the partner organisations to turn discussion in to action, and to continually reflect upon our experience as mutual partners.