About our re-brand

On 26 February 2014, Youth Focus: North East became the new name for the Regional Youth Work Unit – North East.

This year marks our 25th anniversary and we felt this was an ideal time to reaffirm the essence of our charity’s existence. Our new identity helps us to re-establish, and share, our values and vision with our colleagues across the youth work sector.

Our new brand places young people in the North East at the heart of our organisation. All the work that we do across our strategic, developmental and direct delivery strands are all centred around young people. As an organisation, our aspiration is to ‘improve the lives of young people’ and our new brand identity captures and translates this vision more effectively.

To find out more about why we re-branded and what our new identity is all about, please download our frequently asked questions below or watch the short film clip featuring an interview with our Chief Executive, Leon Mexter.

Youth Focus: North East re-brand FAQ