RYWUs England

The Network of Regional Youth Work Units (RYWUs) was established in 2008, and is made up of six Regional Youth Work Units, including Youth Focus: North East:

The purpose of the Network is to:

  • Support and strengthen the capacity of RYWUs, and promote the development of best practice amongst RYWUs in all English regions
  • Enable RYWUs to work collaboratively on youth work practice, and services to young people in the regions, without compromising the independence of individual units
  • Provide a national voice for RYWUs and ensure that RYWUs play an active role in debates and consultations on national youth policy developments affecting youth work and young people
  • Identify potential opportunities for collaboration between RYWUs in securing
    national and European funding for regional developments
  • Increase the opportunities for young people‚Äôs voice and influence in youth policy development, cross-regionally and nationally and internationally
  • Organise and/or co-ordinate joint activities/events with RYWUs and other partners on specific issues relating to the enhancement of youth work practice
  • Regularly review the working arrangements of the network.

For more information about the Network, visit its blog and Facebook page.