The PoSBOs

 Annual Awards for Young People in the North East

Project News

Youth Focus: North East is committed to “Celebrating Young People in the North East”, and since 2009 we have been holding the PoSBO’s.

Finding its roots in Truth About Youth, PoSBO stands for “Positive Social Behaviour Order”, Youth Focus: North East celebrates the positive activities of young people, youth groups and youth projects.

The idea for the PoSBO’s was developed by Yorkshire Housing in order to demonstrate that young people are good people and no to label them all as anti-social, providing a balanced view away from the ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) image of young people that was known at the time. Although ASBO’s are now a thing of the past, Youth Focus: North East remains committed to promoting and recognising the positive behaviour and achievements of young people in the region.

There are eight awards available, individuals and groups working with young people across the North East are encouraged to apply. Winners of each category will receive an award, with all shortlisted nominees involved in the ceremony also receiving a token of achievement.

For information on how to apply, please download our application guide and to make an application please complete our online form.

Keep up to date with all the PoSBO news by visiting this page.

For more information on the PoSBO’s please contact Jamie Mercer or phone the office on 0191 477 9966.

Our Sponsors

The PoSBOs 2016 have been kindly sponsored by the following:

The Rotary Club of Newcastle upon Tyne West works hard to create positive, lasting change in the lives of people in communities both at home and abroad. Our differing occupations, backgrounds, and cultures give us a unique perspective and our shared passion for service helps us accomplish exciting and innovative projects that benefit the lives of others.

The Key are a youth charity which helps young people to discover what they’re capable of and generate the drive and determination to do something meaningful. For over 24 years they’ve been working with youth and community organisations from across the North East to engage young people in their Key Framework which sees young people explore their passions and build important life skills.

The TUC is the voice of Britain at Work. Low pay, poor quality jobs, lack of training opportunities, precarious employment along with bullying and harassment are some of the challenges facing young workers today. Trade Unions were formed almost 150 years ago by workers with an overall aim to raise the quality of working life for people and promote equality for all. Through our trained trade union representatives in workplaces we win better pay and conditions, improve health and safety at work and create learning cultures where everyone has an opportunity to fulfil their potential helping to achieve a fairer and stronger society. There has never been a more important time for young workers to join a trade union.