Truth about Youth

Challenging and changing the widespread negative perceptions of young people

Project News

Truth about Youth – North East was The Co-operative Foundation’s five year project across the North East region, delivered in partnership with Youth Focus: North East to challenge and change the widespread negative perceptions of young people and to break down barriers between different generations.

The Truth about Youth – North East programme finished in December 2014 after a successful 5 years. Throughout the 5 years of the programme we had 824 young people actively participating in our work, 11,000+ young people involved in one off events and 5700 adults involved in one off events. We engaged 451 adults in our intergenerational programmes and generated 240 pieces of positive media coverage. 219 young people were involved in planning and decision making within the project.

Projects undertaken by Truth about Youth – North East:

  • Intergenerational Residentials
  • Intergenerational Events (including Old School Summer Sports Days)
  • Local Challenge Events
  • Goodie in a Hoodie
  • Quality Mark
  • Age is Just a Number campaign
  • MoJo Media
  • PoSBO Awards
  • Meals with the Media
  • Dragon’s Den
  • ‘What is the Truth about Youth?’ DVD
  • Do We Look Good To You campaign

For more information about any of our past Truth About Youth projects, please e-mail [email protected]


National Truth about Youth

Inspiring young people to change their world

The Truth about Youth programme inspired young people across Britain to undergo their own revolutions to change their world for the better. Through a programme of grants, The Co-operative Foundation funded charitable projects that enabled young people to challenge and change negative perceptions about their age group. The Foundation wanted to help bring about a cultural shift in the way that young people are viewed and treated in this country.

The Co-operative Foundation is an independent charitable trust that was set up by The Co-operative to make grants to charitable organisations across the UK. In 2009, The Foundation launched its ‘Truth About Youth’ programme in seven UK cities (Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, Manchester and Newcastle). The Foundation awarded one charity in each city a share of £2million funding to create and deliver a Truth about Youth programme over two years. The charities did this by bringing young people together to show their own communities the positive and inspiring things that they are achieving in their area.

What was it all about?

The key objective of Truth about Youth was to work with young people, the media and the wider community to challenge and change the negative perceptions of young people, which are widespread across the UK. The Co-operative Foundation’s seven charity partners – Envision, The Prince’s Trust, Young Scot, Oval House, The Royal Exchange Theatre, Prince’s Trust Cymru and Youth Focus: North East have all succeeded in creating and delivering youth-led projects using a variety of different mediums including theatre and ‘the arts’, photography, online blogging and through engaging with minority and hard to reach groups. Key aims of Truth About Youth also included:

  • To support young people to deal positively with negative perceptions of youth
  • To increase the interaction between young people and adults
  • To encourage young people to set up their own co-operative projects
  • To communicate the outputs and outcomes of the projects.

Who else was involved?

The Co-operative Foundation funded Youth Focus: North East and the following other charities:

  • Envision in Birmingham
  • Prince’s Trust Cymru
  • The Prince’s Trust in Bristol
  • Young Scot in Glasgow
  • The Oval House Theatre in London
  • The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester.

To find out more about each project or The Co-operative Foundation, please visit here.