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Weekly Update – Week Commencing 06.02.2017

Starting this week, Youth Focus: North East is going to be posting a regular update here on our website. The purpose is to share the work we have done in the past week. We will be releasing these updates on a Monday, covering the Monday to the Sunday of the week before.

This week Youth Focus: North East was involved in the following:


We worked with students from Newcastle University’s Town Planning Department. These students are taking part in two workshops that will equip them with the skills to lead intergenerational sessions themselves. The students are working on intergenerational projects as part of their degree studies.


Laura attended the Preparing Young People for Work conference that was held by Westminster Employment Forum. The aim of the conference was to address young people and career education, training and routes to employment.


We were at Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project again this week. This is part of our Young Changers NE programme. The group is seeking to tackle the maternity rights of school-aged mothers.

Throughout the Week:

We delivered Reducing the Skills Gap in North Ormesby across Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we had a cohort of young people taking part in It’s All About Me, a programme linked to our work with Generation NE.

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