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Weekly Update – Week Commencing 13.02.2017

Welcome to week two of our Weekly Update. This week we will be looking at our work for the week commencing on Monday 13 February.

This week Youth Focus: North East was involved in the following:


We worked with two young people involved with one of Young Changers NE group to prepare for an upcoming event focusing on homelessness in the North East. This project also directly links to our loneliness work.


Jamie delivered a talk at Northumbria University on the subject of loneliness and our work on it. This talk was delivered at the North East Multiple Needs and Exclusion Forum.

We met once again with a group of young people who are involved in the planning and preparation of the upcoming homelessness event, we met with the young people to allow for an update meeting to take place.

Neil and Alex met up with our Reducing the Skills Gap cohort from Newcastle University Business School and Durham University.

Steve was at Bernard Gilpin School in Houghton-le-Spring delivering the third of our Wellbeing Challenge Sessions with the school.


Once again we were at Gateshead Young Women’s Outreach Project. This is part of our Young Changers NE programme. The group is seeking to tackle the maternity rights of school-aged mothers.

Neil was at King Edward VI School and Kenton School working on site with our Young Career Advocates cohorts in both schools.


The Talent Match North East Steering Group met with staff from the Wise Group to share ideas for a new event. You can read more about this meeting here.


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