Wellbeing Challenge Days

Promoting awareness of mental health with young people and local communities

Project News

Over the last year, Youth Focus: North East has been delivering Wellbeing Challenges across the region, working with young people and older people to deliver social action programmes.

These projects will help to promote awareness of mental health with young people and local communities using the ‘5-a-day for Wellbeing’ self-help tool to build resilience in people’s own mental wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Challenges offer local people the opportunity to plan and develop an initiative, event, activity or campaign in their local area to raise awareness of mental health.

Facilitated by staff from Youth Focus: North East, the group will consist of older people (over 25 years old) and younger people (aged 11-25). The projects will build cohesion and empowerment in a fun and informative way at a local level, allowing local people to take the lead resulting in a positive change in the community.

A three-step process …

The Wellbeing Challenges follow a simple three-step process and can be completed at a time to suit the different groups ranging from one week to eight weeks in total, with approximately four sessions’ worth of contact time with Youth Focus: North East staff.

Step 1: The three groups meet for the first time and take part in a variety of teamwork and communication activities designed to make them an effective team.
Step 2: The groups then work together to plan a project based around one, some or all, aspects of the ‘5-a-day for Wellbeing tool’: Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give to Others, Take Notice.
Step 3: Deliver the project to the community and engage with as many people as possible to promote awareness of mental health, before evaluating the success of their work.

We have been funded to deliver Wellbeing Challenges by Sunderland SIB (Sunderland and Coalfields), Gateshead Council (Gateshead), Side by Side (Tees Valley) and Wellesley Trust (Tyne & Wear, Durham and Northumberland).

For more information about Wellbeing Challenges please contact Steve Watson on 0191 477 9966 or at [email protected].