Youth Employment Initiative

Designed to improve the skills and attitudes of young people towards employment.

Project News

The Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) is part-funded by the European Social Fund as part of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England.

The Hartlepool Borough Council led Tees Valley Pathways Programme will support 6,040 young people. The programme is delivered by a consortium of organisations from the public, private, and voluntary sector. As a consortium member Safe in Tees Valley (SITV) lead a Personalised Education, Employment and Enterprise Pathways’ (PEEEPs) Partnership of six organisations from the voluntary sector. Youth Focus: North East is a delivery partner within the PEEEPs Partnership alongside Belle Vue Centre, Cornerhouse @ Newtown, Endeavour, and Kidz Konnekt.

PEEEPs is a Tees Valley Pathways Programme and part of the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI).

PEEEPs supports young people aged 15-29 years old across the Tees Valley area who are unemployed or inactive, and who are unlikely to achieve success using only mainstream services. It aims to progress participants into education, training, employment, or self-employment.

PEEEPs projects tackle barriers to participation; give young people the tips, techniques and tools to develop their interests, talent and skills; and help them take ownership of and achieve their pathway into education, employment and enterprise. We offer personalised end-to-end support for all participants.

Within the PEEEPs partnership Youth Focus: North East is offering Reducing the Skills Gap, a soft skills personal development programme designed to improve the skills and attitudes of young people towards employment. The programme addresses six key skills; communication, teamwork, commitment, professionalism, time management and confidence.

Alongside this, Youth Focus: North East are offering participants the chance of a bespoke 1-2-1 Life Coaching programme. With our dedicated and qualified team, we will work together on barriers and look at creating a SMART plan. This format is a person-centred programme which aims to assist the young person to understand their goals and address their personal challenges and together move forward into an area of interest within education, employment, and training. Both formats offer a young person support and guidance and allow them to improve confidence and self-esteem so the participants can start to feel more responsible and in control of their futures.

As part of YEI, we can also support young people gain access to specialist training, support with child care, travel, personal protective equipment, etc, as part of their individual learning plan.

In 2016, Youth Focus: North East engaged with and supported 58 young people, six of which sustained either education or employment. Youth Focus: North East also support young people in sourcing specialised training such as forklift operation or asbestos removal to enable them to gain employment in specific sectors.

If you would like to get involved in the project or would like some more information, please contact [email protected] or 07763826674.

For more information on the PEEEPs Partnership, please visit their website.