Young Changers NE

Politics in plain English. By young people, for young people.

Project News

Young Changers North East is a project that supports young people in the North East to become more engaged with politics and to take part in positive action. It also works with the wider youth sector to raise the profile of young people’s engagement with politics and explore how the sector can create more opportunities for young people to make a positive change in their own communities.

Young people involved in Young Changers NE will:

  • Increase their confidence;
  • Develop positive relationships;
  • Improve their understanding of politics and political engagement, and the ways in which they can have influence at a local, regional and national level;
  • Make a positive difference in their own, and wider, communities;
  • Have increased respect for other people and others points of views;
  • Have new opportunities to get involved in positive action and activities;
  • Feel more confident about actually being able to make a difference;
  • Use their passion, skills and voice to influence others;
  • Gain new life skills; and
  • Enjoy themselves.

Professionals working with young people on this project will:

  • Learn from the young people, and by doing so, improve their own practice;
  • Forge new and effective working relationships with colleagues in the Youth Sector; and
  • Identify and explore differing ways to support the political engagement and positive actions of young people.

Within the programme there will be opportunities to get involved as young advocates as well as in local groups, regional groups and sector support.

Young Changers NE is funded by the Ballinger Charitable Trust and delivered by Youth Focus: North East.

If you would like to get involved in the project or would like some more information, please contact [email protected].