On Saturday 4 February, Youth Focus: North East held a consultation session with young people to get their views on heritage, what they define it as and how they interact with it.

Youth Focus: North East has worked on a range of arts, culture and heritage projects. In the last five years, young people have been involved in co-commissioning 15 projects through NE-Generation, including developing the Young People’s Charter for Arts and Culture, a framework for advocating the involvement of young people as equal partners or collaborators. Our young volunteers have also explored the similarities and differences in teenagers throughout the decades with Teenage Kicks and they have investigated and interpreted the North East’s great history of innovation and invention in the SITE 100 Places project.

We wanted to consult with young people about heritage because it is an area we are interested in further exploring, and an area we are currently developing at the moment, and we wanted to ensure that young people’s involvement was absolutely at the heart of the work – even at this early stage.

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