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Youth Focus: North East Named Regional Impact Network Lead

Youth Focus: North East is very pleased to announce that we have been named the Regional Impact Network Lead for the North East by The Centre for Youth Impact. The decision was made public this week via the organisation’s website.

Youth Focus: North East joins 11 other organisations across the country in the network, coming together to increase meaningful evaluation and impact measurement, which helps explain the nature of effective work with young people. We are very excited at the prospect of being part of this venture.

At the core of each network’s activity will be a series of open meetings, at which any organisation working in the geographic or thematic area will be welcome.  Networks will host Communities of Practice, whose members will be seeking to improve their work through the sharing of knowledge. Members will be able to present issues or challenges that they are encountering in their own work, and have peers support, challenge and share experiences and ideas in response.

We cultivate an environment of openness, trust and the feeling of a ‘safe space’, in which participants can be honest about the challenges they are facing. Over time, participants will be able to share knowledge and resources. They will be able to generate solutions to the challenges of impact measurement and service design that are meaningful in the contexts in which they work, and span organisational boundaries.  

You can read about our role as part of the Regional Impact Network now on our Regional Impact Network page.

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