Young People’s Charter for Arts and Culture

A framework advocating the involvement of young people as equal partners & collaborators

Project News

The Young People’s Charter for Arts and Culture (YPCAC) has been created through the collaboration of a diverse group of people with a range of backgrounds and ages, living and working in the North East. It draws on the cumulative thinking and experience of NE-Generation, the Legacy Trust UK programme for the North East, from its inception through to a focused period of development throughout 2012.

The YPCAC advocates the involvement of young people as equal partners and collaborators within the arts and cultural sector in North East England, striving to ensure they have choice and influence over the development and delivery of high quality services. It marks the culmination of NE-Generation and expresses and reflects back the themes, principles and commitments people value most highly when developing work with, for and by young people.

The YPCAC is intended to inspire and to stimulate enquiry and debate and should be viewed as a simple, open framework to complement similar existing and developing frameworks. It seeks to deepen an understanding of and commitment to authentic collaboration, in turn raising the quality of the cultural and creative offer developed with, for and by young people.

It can be used as a tool for:

  • Development: improving practice for individuals, organisations and the sector
  • Delivery: recognising excellence and good practice
  • Reflection: comparing organisations and activities against a common standard
  • Advocacy: providing evidence of impact to demonstrate value

The Charter seeks to improve and develop:

  • The depth of active participation in arts and culture available to young people
  • The quality of cultural activity available to young people
  • The operational structure of arts and cultural organisations
  • The number of young people accessing arts and culture
  • The number of cultural practitioners actively engaging with young people
  • The cohesion between arts and culture and other sectors i.e. youth, health, housing etc.


Potential uses for the Charter



  • Devise: Exploring project ideas
  • Partnership: Forming new groups and relationships
  • Collaboration: Starting creative conversations


  • Practice: Developing individual and collective practice
  • Democracy: Working together in equal and representative ways
  • Dialogue: Communicating and ensuring transparency


  • Evaluating: Reviewing organisational or project practice
  • Recognise: Considering quality and good practice
  • Benchmark: Measuring impact and outcomes


  • Demonstrate: Promoting work with a common standard
  • Evidence: Representing the value of work


Young People’s Charter for Arts and Culture (YPCAC)

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Case Studies


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