Accredited Programmes

Access Unlimited

Access Unlimited is led by the Royal Society of Blind Children (RSBC) and the partners in the consortium include, Youth Focus North East, The Albion Foundation, Henshaws, Kent Association for the Blind and Young Bristol.

This delivery is part of Engage Training and Consultancy and our role within the consortium is to facilitate links across the Network of Regional Youth Work Units to deliver capacity building training to support the overall project activity.

The aim of the training is to equip those working with young people to be more confident and able to support young people who have a vision impairment and in turn, make their offer more inclusive.

The learning outcomes are;

  • Learning outcome 1: Understand how to include children and young people with a vision impairment into youth work activities
  • Learning outcome 2: Gain an understanding of some of the most common vision impairments and how they can affect people
  • Learning outcome 3: Gain an understanding of the sports specifically for blind and vision impaired people

To achieve the accreditation, learners need to demonstrate their learning from the training programme and their work will be assessed, IQA and EQA by the Skills and Education Group.

Access Unlimited is an online (Zoom) accredited course for workers and volunteers to increase their knowledge and confidence in how to support young people who are visually impaired.

The training will cover

  • Different eye conditions
  • Point of view from a young person who is individually impaired
  • How to include and support a young person who is visually impaired
  • Different sport and activities that can be offered
  • Myth busting

This course is a one off session and will be running once a month as of February 2024
Please be aware there is a £15 refundable deposit to be paid on booking.
Refunds only available if you attend the course.

Any questions contact us at

Royal Society of Blind Children

RSBC, Youth Focus North East and other Partners under the Access Unlimited Project (Access Unlimited for families in England – RSBC) are making Youth Organisations in England more accessible to visually impaired children and young people through Capacity Building Training.

What Capacity Building training?

This training is a free, interactive, online, three-hour training course where youth organisations gain the knowledge and confidence to include blind and partially sighted children and young people in their provision. This organisation includes local youth clubs, children’s clubs, sports sessions or anything else that welcomes children and young people.

What is been Taught?

Youth leaders will learn about common eye conditions, their impact on the individual, and the myth-busting around sight loss. They also will receive essential guidance around making their clubs, activities and sessions VI (vision impaired) friendly.

There will be an opportunity to gain a practical understanding of adapting virtual and physical activities to make them inclusive to children and young people with sight loss.

The Qualification:

Participation in the Capacity Building Training will enable youth leaders to access the opportunity for a formal accredited qualification in Youth Work and working with VI Young People.

This course is for all youth services delivering services for children and young people. This course is for youth workers, volunteers, young people, or anyone with a role working directly with children and young people.

In addition to this, as part of the Access Unlimited Project

RSBC is providing special Online services for Visually impaired young people, click the button on the left to apply.

Activities Include

1. Assistive Technology
Boost your tech confidence with our Assistive Technology sessions covering a variety of devices for personalised, online one-on-one or group workshops to enhance your independence and everyday life.

2. Audio Book Club
Join our Zoom audio book club for VI young people across the UK! Listen to your favourite books, make friends through discussions and quizzes, and create audiobook sessions.

3. Creative Session
Join our regular online and hybrid sessions, open to children and young people up to age 25, to share creative passions like music, poetry, gaming, and more with like-minded individuals!

4. Sisterhood
This is a supportive online group for young women aged 11 –25. You can connect with your peers to discuss issues that are important to you. You can discuss anything from mental health and well-being to hair care.

5. Bro Bants
A supportive online group with young men aged 11 to 25. You’ll have a safe and friendly space to meet one another, form new friendships, discuss and explore various topics, and share life experiences!

6. Film Club
Dive into our Film Club, where you can enjoy watching audio-described movies online and connect with fellow young movie buffs.